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Name: BD-22.
Species: Modified battle/assaination/protocol droid.
Weapons: Repeating blaster, powerful shield surrounding whole body, sound dampening unit, heavier build than most battle droids.
Bio: BD-22 was made during the clone wars in one of the foundries on geonosis. Gifted with independant thought, he was created as a battle/assaination/protocol droid, ordered specially by the trade federation as a spie. He was captured during the same war and was sold to a droid salesman on naboo. He remained here many years until he was stolen and taken aboard a droid battleship. He was put under heavy security, but he easily bypassed it with a mix of his repeating blaster, sound dampening unit and power shield. Here, he meets up with several other droids named, Mousey, Kata, HK-57 and Ark. Now on with the story.

"What are you doing here?" BD-22 asks the new droids.

"The chieftain does not seem to like you master. May i blast him?" HK-47 Kotor

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