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((i was going to have this in the main thread, but then i noticed it turned out to be less of a brief decription and more of a bio...))

Name: Irvine Palpatine/RH Irvine/Sir-Vin: He is a human in his mid-late twenties, roughly 2 meters tall. He grew out his facal hair, while keeping it well groomed, makes him look a bit more older then his counterpart. He keeps his hair long. He makes solid claim that he is well trained in Jedi arts, in which he shown a fair enough to prove his logic. Not only that he had been training himself to become more Jedi-like in a more mentality state, rather in just phsical stature.
For the meantime he trains Matt, keeping his promise to Svafa, while not exactly made clear on his reasons to do so...

Name Irvine Cracern/WH Irvine: Also human, a clone of an infant Irvine Palpatine, whom had been though dead. He keeps his hair short, in which in attempts to not confuse the rest fo the group. His hair also lacks pigment due to a strange illness when he was young.
Other then that, he pocesses a decent grade of force training, unmastered in meny areas, he makes up for it in the variety of how often he can switch between each skill. He also is able to wield a Force ability that is unique, he able to allow the Force to augment and amplify his phsyical strength, and not just agility.

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