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((jokemaster, you need to post in the new PtH thread *points to sig*

That goes for you too, Battledog ^_^ and welcome back

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Mos Eisley Cantina

*Saria holds Nom's hand for longer than is strictly necessary, then lets go*

Saria: I'm pleased to meet you. They're in the underground...follow me.

*She walks through one of the doors in the back of the Cantina*


SSD Vigilance: Dock

*Starr finally runs out of missiles. One unlucky Vanguard was on the ground, unconscious or dead. Several of the others had survived missile hits, but now had damaged armor. They were still firing their rifles at him, some using mini-rockets as well, but he was too fast for them, and he could sense where their shots would land before they had even fired. Their morale was clearly sinking, and Starr contents himself with weaving out of the way of their shots, not even mounting another attack*

They may be able to copy my reflexes...but they are no Sith.

*The Vanguard stop firing as well. Both sides had run out of ammunition.

Starr smiles and throws away his empty missile launcher. At the same time, with a movement of his hands and arms, he ejects his small lightdaggers from their holsters and manuevers them into place in his gloves, ready for use at any moment.

He then draws his lightsaber and ignites the crimson blade*


SSD Vigilance: Bridge

Admiral Luthen watches the scene in shock. After less than a minute, one of her Vanguards had been defeated, and the others injured. After less than five minutes, they were out of ammunition and they still had not been able to hit the Sith who was taunting them with his silence.

Luthen: *snapping to an officer* I want all the best troops in this ship down in Docking Bay Thirteen as soon as humanly possible. They are not to enter until I give the command, but if they are not ready when I give it, it will be your head!

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