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First of all Yaebginn, a member since WHEN now? Decides to come in and tell us that we are basically all full of crap, as has been the case for many, MANY threads recently. Yaebginn was banned for flaming, a rule that has been in effect since the last 5 years.

What I fail to understand, is where we are so wrong? Also, a forum as new as this one, contains moderators that have been following LF rules for the last 2 + years?

The thing these threads fail to prove, is why anyone with any senior privileges should actually listen to you. As a well seasoned moderator, honestly...sorry to say, you guys are just coming off as looking to fight for the sheer sake of argument, and you are the only ones doing all the complaining. Show us where the real problem is.

BTW, the game is not even out yet!
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