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"until justice is delivered"? The hell are you smoking? Seriously, you people need to go form your own country or something.

No, boran, yaebginn was temporarily banned in response to his outrageous post about Japan, robots, and taking over the US. Saying things like "you don't know what I know" sounds somewhat like he needs a little vacation. He'll be back tomorrow, so stop jumping to conclusions. This is the internet, not America, so quit the First Amendment bull. We reserve the right to enforce our rules here, and even so, I wouldn't call any of that thread mature or responsible.

VanLingo's thread was closed because he has no basis for what he's said, and has decided not to cooperate with us. The first thread was closed because it started to lead into an off-topic mess. Lynk was courteous enough to let the discussion continue if somebody sent him a PM asking for it to be reopened - Van decided to "screw that", and posted another Viva la Revolucion! thread.

And no, you won't get your account banned - however I'm not listening to anything you say unless you get your facts straight. And all you people want to do is bitch and moan until the forum is run the way you'd like.

Bring up valid points, and I'll start listening. None of Van's points in the last thread that I countered were disputed by your comrade yaebginn.

It's also courage, if I'm supposedly some monster-like asshat.
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