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I love how nobody ever puts things in perspective when they come here and complain about the staff.

This is an online forum. Yes, a stupid little online forum. And you get all worked up about it, like someone just beat your puppy to death with a tire iron. It's not the friggin' end of the world. 'OMG HE GOT BANNED, LET'S RISE UP AND REVOLT LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS WHO FOUGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM.' You make yourselves out to be like the peasants under Robespierre when in actuality you sound more like a lazy senior high school special ed class. It's really quite ridiculous. Y'all take everything so seriously when it comes to bucking with authority.

The mods are here out of their own free will. All of them. It's a volunteer outfit, no one is forced into it. They're chosen because of their maturity, their objectivity and their ability to deal professionally and amicably with unhappy posters. Some of them have been at it for a long time, some of them are new at it. Nonetheless, they all possess the aforementioned qualities, that's why they're where they are. Simply because you disagree with their decisions on the matter of yaebginn is hardly a reason for a call to arms against the mods.

Even so, what do you think you'll accomplish? "True justice"? Dude, what the hell does that even mean? You're gonna take Jed and hang him by his testicles? Run ET through with a wooden stake? Come on, people. It's the friggin' INTERNET for Chrissakes. You come here to have fun, to talk, not to plot counterinsurgence against 'tyranny' and 'oppression'.

Y'all need to just grow up. Seriously. Like almost everyone has said in this thread, if you're passionate and ardent about freedom, then go out and focus your energies elsewhere, where it will benefit the people around you. Don't waste it here, at some Captain Kangaroo forum like this.

And if you're just arguing for 'revolution' simply because the mods don't agree with you and you want to get back at them (which I think is the case), then go elsewhere. We're obviously too militant and oppressive for you. You should go and get a forum of your own and plot there. Hell, you can even plot to take down this forum, for all we care. You can talk about how much you want to stab TK in the face or bash in my knees. Bottom line is, if this place makes you feel sad or mad, leave. Find someplace you can be happy. There's nothing to be changed here. If you think you can be this forum's Che Guevaras, think again, buckos.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to go 'oppress more forummers' and 'ban them for talking back to me.'

For those of you that can't interpret that, it means I really need to take a piss.
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