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Posted in my next couple of posts is the PtH plot framework, such as it is, in outline format. Consider this an immense experiment.

I hope the categories are self-explanatory.

This is for major stuff. If it won't affect other people's plots, you don't need to put it here. Be more detailed than my examples if required (I was lazy.)

If you have a secret, you can always post vague details on what it will involve

Also, this is unofficial. I've filled out stuff for the previous four chapters just to give examples. (by the way, don't kill me if I missed some Themes or Plots, coz I'm sure I did)

For new material, quote my post and add to it. The next person can do the same, and so on. ^_^

For everything you add in the outline, put in parentheses afterwards - i.e. "(" ")" - to indicate who came up with it. [i.e. "I want blah-blah-bah to happen. (Redwing)]

See below...

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