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The Reason for the Injustice and Discontent

Quoted from: Code of Conduct

"Under no circumstances are you allowed to insult (commonly referred to as "flaming"), curse at, offend, or just go completely off the wall against another user/group of users."

"Don't harass the staff."

Doing so can result in:

"Spamming and flaming will result, in most cases, with multiple warnings from within a thread or via PM. From there, punishments will vary from a ban, temp-ban, and/or a nuking of your post count, all the way down to zero..."

Having worked with teens for the better part of the last decade, I predict that the first response by those that feel an injustice would be to point out that they were somehow flamed or insulted, however, unless they utilized the REPORT button or alerted another mod to their disagreement, it isn't a valid argument.

"Insult" is a very subjective term as well, so if you feel insulted, it doesn't mean it was a rules violation in the eyes of a mod. I realize this isn't necessarily fair, but what in life is?

I think that the moderation team at LF makes a good attempt to create, foster, and promote an environment where Lucas Arts / Star Wars fans of all types and ages can come together for fun and enjoyment. For some of us, enjoyment comes through serious discussion and debate. For others, it's a general jocular behavior among those that think the same.

But its that last part that makes the difference. In the Sliced Taun-Taun and in the Swamp, I've watched serious issues come between members of the forums for years. This is one of the reasons that the Senate Chambers was created like a year and a half ago. Those of us that have stuck around there have learned that we can engage in arguments and debates, often very heated ones, without losing respect for each other. In fact, I gained a lot of respect for Obi-Wan13, Darth Groovy, RpTheHotRod, and a few others whom I debated religion with (even though I won the debates ).

But when you engage in discussions about that which you disagree, divisions occur in the camp. People who came together for a common cause, like a fun Star Wars game, begin to lose respect for their fellow LF member based on their opposing viewpoints on one or two things rather than build respect for the courage to dissent and appreciate their opinions when you do agree.

I think ET, Jed, et al made some real attempts to accomodate Yaebginn, Vanlingo, Boran..., reelguy, and a few others by not moving the serious discussion / debate threads to the Senate. They were criticized early on when this was done to the War in Iraq thread. Then, when they didn't all line up and agree with the clan-boys, offering tough arguments in opposition, they were criticized as being "Louisiana Cops" and harassed.

I have two suggestions: one for those who feel an "injustice," and one for Jed & Lynk.

1) Those upset should look a little harder to find what they have in common and find enjoyment in the diversity (what a boring place it would be if everyone agreed with each other, especially for those of us that like to argue).

2) Send all serious discussion threads to me and 'Jais in the Senate. Or, if the members most affected are genuinely opposed, include the Sliced Taun-Taun within mine or C'Jais' moderation reach.

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