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PtH 1-4

These are Examples. Here for completeness' sake. Skip this post entirely if you don't care about them.


I. PtH I - [No official title]: Completed

A. Locales
1. Coruscant
2. Freedon VII [Space station]
3. Midgard [Home of the Aesir]

B. Running Themes
1. Adjustment
2. Trust
3. Anger
4. Secrets
5. Fighting Imperials/Shadows/Other enemies

C. Quest

1. The "Time Matrix", described as a silver ball, is a device that can change time itself. Its hiding place was destroyed when the Aesir destroyed the stars. A group is formed to retrieve it. The group obtains a mysterious key and directions to where to start. Prophecy: "To find [the Time Matrix], seek ten keys, seven gates, fire, eye, and ice." (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The first key is given to the group. It is made of crystal, engraved with runes, and has no color. (Redwing)

D. Plots

1. After the Holocaust, the Imperials make an alliance with the remainder of the New Republic, claiming they know how to find the Aesir. The "Imperial Republic" is formed. Everyone who is an enemy of those in power is labelled part of the "Aesirian Alliance" and hunted down. In reality, no one knows what happened to the Aesir after they blew up the stars. (Redwing/Admiral/Deac)

2. A strange man in a coat (calling himself only "T"), who can walk through walls and knows information he was never told, brings some of the group together for an unknown purpose. (Redwing)

3. Syrnl Darkstar, reformed former Dark Jedi under the Empire, leads a revolt against the Imperial Alliance. (Deac)

4. Other-dimensional beings, assassins, and Imperials attack the group. (Everyone)

5. An ancient evil in the form of a wolf, named Fenrir, has escaped his prison and is beginning to ravage the surviving galaxy. In twenty-two years, he will have completed his destruction. That is the deadline for the group to find the Time Matrix. (Admiral)

E. Suggested Titles (Note, this is only here for entertainment value, since it isn't really necessary to retroactively name old chapters)
1. "Beginning" or "The Key" (Redwing)


II. PtH II - [No official title]: Completed

A. Locales
1. Fenrir's Tomb [Space station where Fenrir was formerly imprisoned by the Aesir]
2. Coruscant - Abandoned Buildings
3. Coruscant - Jedi Temple
4. Coruscant - Darkstar Towers
5. Balmora [Desert planet] - Aesir Outpost

B. Running Themes
1. Wisdom
2. Knowledge
3. Cooperation
1. Patience
2. Characters beset by many different enemies

C. Quest

1. The group reaches the first gate in Fenrir's Tomb. They must pass a test of knowledge (through a set of questions), and a test of wisdom (through a room that causes the group to be trapped in an illusory world made up of their own memories and fears, which they much "solve" in different ways to escape). Finally they are faced by an opponent (a mysterious beast) which they must work together to defeat. (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The group obtains the second key. It like the first, except violet in color.

3. The group also obtains an enchanted, ever-changing map to guide them to their next destination(s).

4. The group, following the map, meet a strange figure that offers them a choice. They can take one of two paths next. Either they can take a path of speed, or a longer, more dangerous path. If they take the longer path they can obtain something valuable in the rest of their quest. (Redwing/Admiral)

5. The long path takes them to find the separated pieces of a strange sword that emanates positive ("good") energy. They go to several locations and win several hard fights to get them. (Redwing/Admiral/Deac)

D. Plots

1. A mysterious being (ascended Sith ghost) called the Spectar tries to interfere in the quest. (Scar)

2. When the mysterious beast (Caloslocke) is destroyed by the group the crystal powering it, called the Crystal of Orthaeur, is destroyed with it. The side effect of this seemingly small act is that ancient magical forces, locked away somehow for centuries, are now being unleashed upon the galaxy. (Redwing)

3. A strange being named Sakara, apparently an enemy of "T", tries to align things against the group, create enemies for them, and generally make life difficult without ever directly confronting them. (Redwing/Scar)

4. Mysterious creatures appear from portals and attack the group, apparently attracted to magic forming inside of them (placed there by whatever force is running the quest itself) (Redwing)

5. Sakara goes to the lower planes to ally himself with an ancient enemy of the Aesir named Hel. Hel sends immense dragons to attack the group. (Redwing/Admiral)

6. Halren Flax (Hal) joins the group. (Battledog)

7. RH Irvine (Sir-Vin) joins the group. (Scar)

E. Suggested Titles (Note, this is only here for entertainment value, since it isn't really necessary to retroactively name old chapters)
1. "The Shattered" or "Unleashed" (Redwing)


III. PtH III - "Shadows of the Past": Completed

A. Locales
1. Balmora [Desert planet] - Aesir Outpost
2. Dagon Fel (Ancient Sith world) - Forest
3. Dagon Fel - Sith Temple
4. Dagon Fel - Dwarven Underground City

B. Running Themes
1. Infighting amongst characters (the most runningest theme of them all )
2. Mercy

C. Quest
1. The group reaches the second gate in an underground city inhabited by ancient dwarves. They pass through a Sith temple to get there. (Admiral)

2. The group obtains the third key. [I never specified, but it was probably red in color. This can be changed if that color is more appropriate for later use] The group also obtains a new map.

D. Plots
1. Ancient, evil enemies of the Aesir are gathering an army of Sith for an unknown purpose. The Sith were killed long ago, and have been resurrected. (Admiral)

2. Misae (Jedi character) hears a Sith's voice in her head that urges her to join them. (Redwing)

3. Elella, Orthos' sister, is introduced. (Deac)

4. Guy has strange visions of man and a "demon" making a bargain. (Redwing)

5. Guy finds out that the group is being secretly followed by unknown strangers. (Redwing)


IV. PtH IV - "Dark Surprises": Completed

A. Locales
1. Enoy [Mining world] - Crystal Mines
2. Enoy - Forests/Hills/Town [we really tore that place apart]

B. Running Themes
1. Trust
2. Trickery
3. Infighting
4. Surprises (especially nasty ones...or dark ones, obviously)
5. Dark/Evil vs. Light/Good

C. Quest
1. The group reaches the third gate in the inner depths of a mine, in shafts full of magical crystals. (Redwing)

2. The group obtains the fourth key. It is black in color. The group also obtains a new map.

3. Just after obtaining the key and map, mind-altering crystals start to affect those of the group unlucky enough to touch them (Marin, Aidan and Heimdall). They turn on their friends, nearly bury them in a cave-in, and leave to cause destruction and chaos. The map does not give a new direction for the remainder of the group.

D. Plots
1. A great darkness eclipses all light from all the suns/stars in the galaxy as the quest begins. The darkness stays there till the end of the quest. (Admiral)

2. Gerd, a mysterious girl, arrives in an escape pod out of nowhere. The Aesir take her in. (Admiral)

3. Heimdall, Aidan and Marin gleefully slaughter innocents after being changed by crystals. Finally, the sword from the previous quest restores the three to their normal states of mind, but not before the trio toys with the group enough to cause it to start coming apart at the seams. (Redwing/Admiral/Battledog)

4. Matt is introduced. (jokemaster)

5. Gortick, Orthos' brother, is introduced. (Deac)

6. As the group prepares to leave, three strangers attack the group. These strangers have technology (magic) the likes of which most of them have never seen before. One is Guy's sister. Several of the group are seriously injured, and are clearly outmatched. However, everyone manages to escape once they try to retreat, leaving before the strangers' allies arrive. [The strangers are the ones Guy detected following the group last chapter.] (Redwing)


Okay, now my next post will have the current stuff, that actually matters.

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