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Well said SkinWalker. I agree with you. I know I'm new to the forum, but I am a mod on another forum so I know how it is. But I have seen many mods break the rules and you can't deny it. But I have broken one or two myself since I started posting on this forum. No one here is a machine and will never make a mistake we all will break the rules no and again, but that is not any reason for us to start, and I like the way it was said earlier in a post, Viva Le Revolution. I think this should be put to bed. BUt like he said ealier, if someone does offend you, even a mod, than report them. Simple as that.

Some of us might not agree with the mods for banning the dude, er.. whats his name... yeab?, but thats the way it goes. I don't agree with the cop that wrote me a ticket last week for idling threw a stop sign at 2 am either but thats the way it goes. Life is like that.

So I say put this to bed and get on about talking about Battlefront. I mean September almost here.
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