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Mega-Post, Part 3

First, the present:


V. PtH V - "Revenge" :

A. Locales/Locale Suggestions

1. Yevoh [Poor colony]
1. Midgard: Vidgard
3. Midgard: Lieskirnir
4. Midgard: Yggdrasil
5. Midgard: Vigrid

B. Themes/Theme Suggestions

1. Revenge (an obvious one)
2. Courage, Honor and Valor (see Plot)
3. Doing one's duty (following orders)
4. Loss
5. Hate
6. Choice and loyalty (see Plot)

C. Quest /Quest Ideas

1. The fourth gate will be reached, and the fifth key obtained. It will probably be dark green in color. (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The fifth key is in enemy territory, and the group will have to cross a no mans land. (Admiral)

3. The Eye of Odin [an artifact to be used later in the quest (Redwing)] will be entrusted to an innocent. (Admiral)

D. Plot/Plot Ideas

1. The group is lead to Midgard by the map. Midgard is undersiege and the Aesir are being pushed back. (Admiral)

2. The gate is within occupied territory. The group will have to move quickly and try to keep undetected. (Admiral)

3. After the fifth key is reached and the group leave the castle Heimdall and any who choose to go with him head towards Yggdrasil to retrieve a horn. (Admiral)

4. When the group arrives at Vidgard they are given a choice, they can stand with the Aesir and fight in a huge battle or they can stay in Vidgard until the fight is over. (Admiral)

5. The Horn retrieved by Heimdall is blown calling all the Aesir to the battlefield of Vigrid to fight a Gentlemen's war. (Admiral)

6. Something may happen involving Misae and Guy, furthering their plots from earlier chapters. (Redwing)

7. The group who attacked our characters earlier will probably make another appearance. (Redwing)


And finally, the future.


VI. Later PtH Chapters (6 through 11)

A. Locale Suggestions

1. PtH VI (Six) will probably take place in an alternate dimension, in a world of magic, not the Force; with an alternate Earth possibly being a visited locale. (Redwing)

B. Theme Suggestions

1. PtH VIII (Eight) will have a Fire theme. (Redwing)
2. PtH IX (Nine) will have an Eye/Wisdom theme. (Redwing)
3. PtH X (Ten) will have an Ice theme. (Redwing)

C. Quest Ideas

1. Note that in the end, a stranger named Ken'atra Sorack Darkstar ends up with the Time Matrix. This either means that in the end, the group fails to get the Time Matrix, or gets the Time Matrix and does not use it, or are stopped from using it. The group is being prepared for another fate, possibly, under the guise of having them obtain the Time Matrix. Details are up in the air, but remember that someone else must end up with the Time Matrix when all is said and done. (Redwing/Admiral/Everyone who posted in Cantina 7 )

2. The fifth, sixth, and seventh gates will be reached in PtH VI, VII, and VIII (6, 7, and 8) respectively. (Redwing)

3. The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth keys will be obtained, one per chapter except for the possible 11th chapter (for the finale). (Redwing)

4. The eighth key will probably be orange (for fire). The ninth key will probably be blue (the color of the Eye of Odin). The tenth key will probably be white (for ice). [Keys 6 and 7 might be Rose/Pink and Yellow/Gold. Or one can be orange, and the Fire key can be yellow instead] (Redwing)


D. Plot Ideas

1. Possibly introduced: Acompletely non-humanoid group of Jedi, which encompasses most or all remaining Jedi in the galaxy. All human Jedi except the ones in the group have been killed by [Insert Mystery Force Here?]. This is partly to remedy the fact that everyone in the group is human or a non-SW alien (Redwing)

2. Possibly Introduced: (In PtH VI/6) Some characters from the magic world that will probably end up joining the group. (Redwing)


E. Title Suggestions

1. PtH XI (11) might be called "Eleventh Hour". [Kudos to anyone who gets the reference...] (Redwing)



Comments? Got a better idea, or do you like these funny outlines?

(I'm wondering if we ought to do color-coding, to more easily figure out whose plot is whose...but anyway ^^;;)

Edit: Also, if you're too lazy to quote this and add to it, just post your stuff in this thread and I'll update it myself.

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