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The problem being Scar, you will probably be gone in the midst of the current thread..

The last thread lasted for essentially 6 months. Since after basic you will most likely want to rejoin the RPG we need a way for your character(s) to easily rejoin. Having them in seperate dimensions makes that a little difficult.

I also see this as a perfect time for WH Irvine to meet with Drode and be sent back in time.

My plan for getting your characters inactive: A couple of days/weeks before you go to basic.

1. Irvines and perhaps some other characters will be captured and seperated from one another. The Sith and Jotuns will essentially make it appear like they are dead.

2. The group thinking they are dead does not look for them. When you return from Basic, the Irvines can escape and find the group again.

However, I would rather have only RH Irvine escape and return while WH IRvine is taken back in time/trained (whatever needs to happen to get him ready for his C7 appearance).

This way Scar you can easily rejoin the RPG.
I haven't decided if the Asgardried will go through to the new dimension or not, since we haven't talked about the cross over yet.

One thing though the ship is going to get more residents by the end of PTH. So the Irvines would not be left alone in that idea.

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