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You call us hypcrites yet you are one yourself. And not that I say that out of the blue. I refer to the "rules should apply to mods aswell" thread where you called me a jerk without even knowing me. Lukely for you I´m not that vindicatory.

First of all I advice you to have a look at SkinWalker´s post a bit up and read it over a few times. He explained very will that discussion about people´s believe can pull em slightly over the edge when they are not supposed to. It isn´t always ment and people shouldn´t take everything that serious what happens around here. This is not a point to say you or the other´s behaviour was good/bad but just something people should keep in mind.

As for the reason you were banned. In some cases your bevahiour was completely uncalled for. You tried to put TK on his place when all he was doing was his job. A thing you shouldn´t be doing. Secondly you followed Lynk to "his" section and harassed him over there what was completely unacceptable.

I don´t have any problems with you as you make really good posts towards the Battlefront community. But its just your behaviour that has to tuned a bit. Chill, don´t take everything so personal, try to be friends with people and you´ll do just fine.
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