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Originally posted by yaebginn
I was nver warned for the Japan thing, it was closed rather quickly once I started rambling, and please tell my specific instances where I flamed and another when I harrassed. The hyprocrites are...Lynk and Jed. Maybe more, but I cant tihnk of them off the top of my head.
when you followed lynk over the rsn, you were there for no other reason than to harrass him. Your constant anti-japanese comments and paranoid delusions are harrassment especially on a forum with high international users and are rather trollish, namely that stint on the old lady ninja in disguise. And your argument in the jar-jar thread just proves how obsessed you are with opposing people and provoking arguments that should not even take place.

posted by you yaeb
I am against ET because he acts like a jerk.

posted by you yaeb
Pad, I dnt know you, if I got to know you, I probably wouldnt like you either, but you never know
that's not very nice

I'll gather some more if you want.

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