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Originally posted by yaebginn
I didnt start the jar jar argument, that was either u or ET, I forget. displaying how u act like jerks. I didnt follow lynk, I followed Redwing. I saw he was the mod of rpg forums, so I clickedo n his name and saw he posted in a thread called had to clean the room a bit. so I then saw lynk post there, so I posted as well, and went on to explore the forum. I was wanred abotu not screwing around with lynk, but lynk didnt post in the wedding thread. so I didnt screw around with him. and I said probably, not definitely, mostly because of who pad hangs out with. and if he is the love-parent of zbomber, (check out zbombers title) then hes probably someone I wouldnt like. you doubt, but dont know for sure. and no one else found it offense because it wasnt directed at them, it was directed at me.
Actually, I get all my assness from Jed..... Pad is quite nice, and I'm sure he's having problems trying to not flame you for your ignorance.

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