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Originally posted by yaebginn
but if a guy who hates americans calls me ' You American!' with a snarl, I wont be offended, because its ok to be an american. or if someone says, ' You republican!' they mean that as an insult, but I wont be offended. and but how do you know what I mean? You dont know what goes on in this mind of mine. I can think mods are happy if I like. and according to my way of reading your sig, insanesith, you think that sex was used for babies to fornicate, and I find that offensive.
... you just love looking for trouble don't you?
My sig does not in any fashion incite the notion of sex with a baby, well it might if you have the IQ of a retarded eggplant. If you really want to say mods are happy, say mods are happy, no need to pull a semantics argument of gay means happy, you clearly have not meant it that way in the past. I do not know what's going on in your mind, but I can judge your attitude and terminology on previous posts by you, thus giving me some incite into your posting attitude and meaning.

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