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((Yay! Welcome, wildjedi ))

Misae's Quarters, Asgardried

The whisper in her head had died away again. Misae had drifted off into a doze when she suddenly became aware of a presence that had been on the peripheral of her consciousness for a short while already.

Another Jedi! Alive...

One year ago, when she had felt the destruction of Yavin IV, she had become convinced that she was the last living Jedi. She was soon disproven, however, when Halren Flax showed up. And perhaps the red-haired Irvine counted. Still, she knew that almost all Jedi in the galaxy were dead...

She had two conflicting impulses. She obeyed the stronger one.

She opened her door and left her quarters for the first time in ages, moving towards the new presence.

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