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((OOS: To everyone: Feel absolutely free to make an assassin character for this next part. Especially you people who were in the Karathi RPG, since I'm using my characters from it

The only criteria is that you be an exceptionally good assassin. ))

Mos Eisley Cantina

Saria: Certainly. But before you go might want to turn your communicator off. *She winks* Just a friendly warning.

*The three head down several flights of stairs, down several mazelike corridors, and into an empty room. Lying on a table in the center are a wide assortment of strange masks.*

Saria: Some of your fellows in the "business" are already here just before you. *gesturing towards the table* If you like your privacy, you might want to pick up one of these.


Ulna Shardes - Abandoned Vanguard Facility, Fourth Floor

*As the Blades watch, several intact machines in the docking bay begin powering up*

Slythe: What should we do?

Nereli: Wait, but be ready to leave instantly if necessary.

Nereli's Communicator: Gravitational anomaly detected near your location, Nereli. Sending you the details.

*Nereli looks at his scanner*

Nereli: Interesting. It appears that our friends from the surface have returned.


SSD Vigilance

*The Vanguard land, and draw their long staffs again. Starr knew from previous experience that the staffs had a cortosis alloy in them. It wouldn't deactivate his lightsaber, only repel it. He wouldn't be able to cut them up, in other words.

On the other hand...there was another reason he had been using a missile launcher prior to using his lightsaber.

Cortosis its pure form it can short out a lightsaber blade, but shatters easily in the presence of explosives...

The five remaining Vanguard, seeming to have gained their second wind, form around him closely like a pack of wolves. Long spikes extend from their staffs. Starr brings his lightsaber up into a defensive stance*

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