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yaebginn, if you put "Mods r gay" in your signature, you are not only violating several cardinal rules, but you're also making yourself a nice, juicy target. It's flaming. Strike one. You know very well that you do not use the term 'gay' to mean happy. You mean in a derogatory sense, indicative that homosexual people are inferior to straight people and are to be looked down upon. Strike two. Going back to something you said before, calling out Sith's sig as offensive. Yours is just as offensive. What if some kid who just hit puberty came on and saw your sig and the way you use the term 'gay'? You've just kicked yourself in the ass with your roundabout reasoning. Your sig would be just as offensive as Sith's, if not more. Not to mention that his is actually funny whereas yours is simply to incite conflict. Strike three.

A corollary to the last thing I said. You seem to tout yourself as some sort of moral authority. I read your posts in that awful "USA successor" thread and while you are entitled to your opinion, know that others are entitled to theirs as well. Many of the things that you've said can be construed as offensive and flaming, so don't go pointing fingers at people. And since you like the Bible so much, here's some 'Good Word' for ya: "When they kept questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, 'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." (The Gospel of John, 8:7)

It is obvious that you say things just to get a rise out of everyone. You nitpick on little things and blow them out of proportion and when the mods tell you to settle down, you cry oppression and corrupt moderator. Your whole basis for being here now is to incite discord and stir up trouble. As such, you shouldn't really be surprised to find yourself banned again soon, should you keep up your warmongering ways.

Oh yeah and one final thing. "Mods R Gay" makes you sound like a 3rd-grade bully with a real bad case of AOLSpeak. Not the most attractive thing to be touting around in your sig, is it?

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