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For starters, Groovy, I said that arent supermods, please read closer. thanx to Jed for the answer. and now we come to rogue nine. oh, and thanx to zbomber for quoting it so I dont have to scroll all the way down.

1.Flaming eh? 'If you say yes, you are a f*cking ignorant bastard'- Lynk Former. Thats a direct quote from him in one of our debates. I said yes, by the way. I count that as flaming. You mods are a pretty bad example.

2. My hypothetical sig, right? The one I used as an example. Notice I didnt make it. But Insanesith still has his, and I think ET has the same saying in his. But I find it offensive. Yet he gets to keep it, while I cannot make my Mods sig without getting banned. Just because I am not on good terms with the mods. I assure you if InsaneSith made a sig that said Mods R Gay, you'd look the other way.

3. Ok, thats without sin, I never said I was without sin. In fact, what is that even supposed to do? You banned me. You cast the first stone, you drew first blood. You guys acted like jerks in debates, not me. You started it all.

and that would be the point, I would've reversed the R so it'd be like Toys R Us. I'd just highlight the r, flip it, and paste it into my sig.

and des[ite what many of you seem to believe, I dont hate mods. I respect alot of you, and the ones I dont like, I can count on one hand and still have a finger or two left over. that should be all for now.Heres the list of mods I dont like. (not in order)

1. ET Warrior, your a good forumer, but IMO, a bad mod.
2. Zbomber, we all saw this one coming. You are immature, and annoying.

Thats all for now. Jed, I am not fond of, but I dont hate him or anything. he's a decent mod, I particularly dont like him as a forumer, but as a mod, he's good and doesnt act like a jerk.
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