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((Welcome back BD. Waiting for your characters to arrive at Godsheim station))

Valen Minor

*The spaceport was quickly secured by the Valkyries huntresses. There was little signs that an attack had taken place, except for the deafening silence. As the Valkyries moved into the actual colony Idona stayed at the makeshift field command and supervised their progress. Live feeds from helmet cams showed Idona what the huntresses saw.

The first actual clue to an attack were deep claw marks on a duracrete wall. The huntress who found those paused only for a second before An hour later the colony was secured, no survivors were found.

Idona was about to head into the colony when a huntress came running up to her.*

Huntress: Mam, we've found something you should see.

Idona: Ok, take me there.

*The two run into the colony, Idona following the huntress to the townhall with numerous claw marks on it.*

Huntress*as they approached*: We believe that the colonist were herded into this building. They probably thought it would be a good place to mount a defense. It just made the beasts job easier.

Huntress *reaching the doors*: It also appears that they had a little celebatory feast.

*The huntress opens the door to reveal a horrid scene. The townhall's meeting room seemed to be painted in blood. Entrails of some of the colonist were littered on the floor. There were also some bones that seemed to have been licked clean.

In the back of the room lay three Ithorians lay toward the back of the room. Two Valkyries were hovering over them examining the dead bodies*

Huntress: Apparently they don't like the taste of an Ithorian.

Idona: At least those bodies can tell us how far behind of them we are.

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