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Mos Eisley: Cantina Basement: Karathi mask room

Voice from the room, not seen, sinister sounding male "Saria, it seems that Riss has found even more recruits."

*A figure steps out of a partily lit corner, the only visable object seemed to be his mask. His robes blended with the suttle changes in the light, which eventually transformed into a dark obsidian when the three consentrated on his figure.

Wearing a hood matching his robes, covering everything on his head, but his mask. This mask was as oddly sinister looking as his voice. One half of it was white, the other black, a long pointed nose, and a mouth that on the black side was happy, while on the white, sad. The eye holes were wide enough to get a good look at his surroundings with out having too much of his view obstructed.

One could certainly tell he wore this mask all the time, it was his trademark appearence. Sungchi the Jackal, enjoys terrifing his targets, driving them mad before he rips them assunder...*

Sungchi "So meny new recruits. Even during my time I had never seen quite an interesting set of new comers. It would be quite a show to see who makes the cut..." *whips out a set of throwable daggers.*

*he begins to walk up to Saria.*

"It's been so long since I seen you Saria." *the sound of him sniffing the air a bit.* "You're scent,.. So,.. Arousing... But then..."

*With his left hand he touches Tarila's cheeck slightly.*

"Mmm, so young..."

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