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Mos Eisley Cantina, Underground

Saria:, this way.

*She goes to the door at the other end of the room, and opens a slot in it*

Saria: *speaking through the slot* The Vilnovs are here.

*A voice replies* Send them in.

*The door opens. Several masked figures are holding a whispered conversation at the other end of the room*

Saria: You've got good timing, it looks like.

*The creature from the message capsule video - Riss - approaches the three. He/she/it wears no mask. Neither does its companion, a tall woman dressed in white and light blue (even wearing light blue lipstick)*

Riss: Good evening, Vilnovss. I asssume you have quesstionss?


SSD Vigilance, Docking Bay

*Starr was beginning to feel severe exhaustion from almost six full minutes of using the Force to enhance his speed, not to mention constantly telekinetically manipulating the scattered debris from his ship to protect himself from the Vanguards' concussion blasts. Nevertheless, his outward appearance gave no indication of it as the Vanguard closed in*

I must end this quickly. A pity I cannot sense who might be controlling these warriors.

*The Vanguard attacked. Starr ducked under the first swings, and used his lightsaber to deflect another strike. In the palm of one of his hands, he ignites a short lightdagger with a black blade. Using the Force, he throws it directly at the nearest Vanguard's face, aimed at the green goggles over his eyes. The Vanguard deflects the dagger with his staff, but a second dagger rips open his throat, at a weak spot where a deflected missile explosion had damaged the cortosis alloy. The Vanguard fell backwards. The lightdaggers returned to Starr's hand.

He felt Irvine's presence enter the area*

Good, the fool has arrived.



Officer: Admiral, a new ship has entered our fleet's gravity wells.

Luthen: Detain it.

*TIE fighters, and refitted X-Wings and other former NR fighters, fly towards Irvine's ship*

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