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*Irvine looks on his scanners...*

'Fighters... More then there were escaping Coruscant,...

*Irvine pounds on the dash* "Damn this piece of junk! No damn weapons!"

*He checks the sensor again, the fighters inbound, he had to think of somethign to get him on that ship...*

"Wait! It's an Imperial Separatist, isn't it? What the hell is that last name of that clone of mine... Cry-Crey... Cracern! Heh heh heh. Well this better work, or else this'll be the shortest introduction yet!"

*Irvine turns on the comm, and hails The Vigilance...*

Irvine *into comm* "This is Irvine Cracern of the Imperial Separatists! How dare you launch assault fighters agenst me!"

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