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*Irvine sits there for a moment, thinking what to say next. His cover should be fine for now, he shouldn't be registered at all.*

Irvine *into comm* "Word has been sent on the capture of the Emperoir's second-in-command. I had completed offical business and was enroute to my office."

*Irvine sensed Starr's battle, he knew that Starr would most likey be giving them hell...

*He made a little lie...* "It would most rewarding for someone of your position to oversee my personal interrogation of such an important individual of the Imperial Loyalists, wouldn't you agree?"


*Unla Shardes: underground bunker*

*Chimera steps into the light of the hanger, his sword ceases its glow, and he sheathes it, then side steps, about faces and stands at attention.

His face was slightly bloody, and brused.

A moment later Talon walks out, a spot of Chimera's blood was still on his right hand, not transformed...
The hilts of his three swords pokes out slightly from his cloaks...*

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