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SSD Vigilance

Luthen: But...Chancellor Reletha has ordered Hailfire's execution. It is in progress right now.


Ulna Shardes

*In the center of the dock, a holographic image appears of a woman, twice-life-size. She is dressed in bright, crimson red. Even her face is covered with a red mask*

Woman: Those whom you seek are not here.

*At the end of the dock, one of the circular portals activates and fills with a blue field that fans out behind it, creating a vortex with a hole in the center*

Woman: If you want to play the game, walk through Door Number One. Maybe I'll let you find your quarry.

*The image disappears*

Raschel: An obvious trap.

Nereli: I agree. *turning around, facing Talon* Have you come with more to say?

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