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((OOS: Scar, if this is going to be a plot point, note that my characters all have translators that allow anyone listening to understand them. I assume your demons have something like that as well, or at least know aliens might have them, or something like that, or they'd be wondering a whole lot more than how Shane recognized a French accent. ))

Ulna Shardes

Nereli: I do not know what you mean.

*The swordsman with flames for hair steps next to him*

Shane: This is unbelievable.

Nereli: Explain, Sai.

Shane: The creature who assaulted us in person at the top level had an accent to his speech. It sounded European. I believe they are attempting to tamper with our minds, and we should eliminate or contain them before they try anything further.


SSD Vigilance

*Luthen panics. She switches to the monitor showing the dock where Starr should have been meeting his demise, but it was blacked out. Somehow the monitors must have been destroyed during the fight.

Luthen went over the worst curses she could possibly think of in her mind before suddenly, like the sun breaking through dark clouds, a solution revealed itself.*

Of course! This way, if Hailfire does not die, I will be able to blame Cracern for it when Reletha questions me.

*She turns back on the comm, and tries to keep the air of triumph out of her voice*

Luthen: Of course! Anything for an honorable associate of Chancellor Darkstar such as yourself.

*She shuts off the comm and turns to an officer* Order our fighters to escort Cracern to Dock Number Thirteen.

Officer: But...the Sith and the Vanguard are still in there...

Luthen: You heard me.

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