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Star Wars - Episode X - The dark shroud

A long, long time ago...
In a Galaxy far, far away...

EPISODE X - The dark shadows

15,500 years have passed from the formation of the New Republic. Many secret organizations have tried to take control from many of the planets, but now, a new threath has arrived. The system of Hoth, wiped out from the overgrown Wampa population, has mutilated against the New Republic. After the Hutt-wars, that destroyed the overgrown and powerfull Hutt organizations, and over 50,000 soldiers from Hoth had died, the Mandalorian population of the Hoth-system stepped down from the senate. Many factories rose and droids were made. Hundreds of thousands of the Mandalorians on every planet of the system armed themselves and got ready to be trained. Some trained in the empty forests of Endor, some in the snow of Hoth. Some trained in space to become more agile in flying. In the dawn of the 16,000 millenia of the republic, the system of Hoth had grown an army, which held over 1,000,000 human soldiers. An enormous fleet was hiding in the asteroid field, protected by the planet's tractor beams that held the asteroids not to hit the ships, fighters were numerous, and thedroid army was hitting the number of 2,000,000.

"The Republic will not have the strenght to confront our troops, King Black" a dark man said. He was walking with the young King throught the mighty corridors of the palace. "Yes, Lord Gani. We have grown in strenght. But what about the jedi?" the King responsed quickly. "I shall handle the jedi. You shall have to bear my words, that the Republic will attack. You are too strong for them, and many spies are allready here, working on their missions. You must be ready for a full scaled war in the beginning of the millenium" The dark man said and turned from the larg corridor and throught a small door that led into the hangar. "I shall return to your side when you need me. But for now, my apprentice shall be here to help you. He knows everything about the plan, and I shall contact him from any changes" the man continued and turned to the king. He bowed and left to his large ship.

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