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Chapter 7:The Sith and Jedi vs The Iconians

Darth Qual was asleep when a sith apprentice ran into his room and woke him.The apprentice bowed and said"Master,an army of 50'000 Iconians are on their way to he academy.We lost our watchmen that were stationed at the Great Temple."Qual walked over to the apprentice and said"I know why they are here come I need you with me."The apprentice replied"Where are we going master."Qual replied"To wake the rest of the sith."

Meanwhile,Luke was awake and meditating.He saw the Iconian army storming the Sith Academy that Darth Qual was at.Luke broke his trance and went to Kyle's room."Kyle wake up"said Luke.Kyle woke up and said"Luke whats wrong?" "The Iconian army are going to take over the Academy that Tel is at.We must help the sith.I dont know why but we must help Tel." Kyle and Luke went around the Jedi Academy and woke up the Jedi.They all loaded into transports fully equiped and left Yavin IV.Luke and Kyle were in the head transport."Take us to Korriban"said Luke to the pilot and the other transport pilots using a commlink.

Qual was getting his two sabers and was looking out his window.He saw alot of bright lights which he guesed to be fire lit torches.Qual went out of his room and to the bottom floor."Ok sith follow me to the battle." Qual led the army around the Academy to a desolit wasteland with a few jagged rocks.Since it was night it was hard to see but not for the Qual who was using the force to sense the Iconians.Then everyone saw many torches coming towards them.Qual yelled"Sabers out and stand your ground."

Luke watched as they came out of hyperspace.He saw Korriban.The transports went over to the Academy.Luke felt no life precense in the academy but he felt alot of life behind it."Go behind the academy"said Luke.As the transports went over the academy all the jedi saw red sabers and a green and blue sabers.The transports landed and Luke said to all the sith"We are here to help you all."

Qual heard this and jumped over the sith and landed to see the jedi."What are you doing here?"he said to Luke.Luke replied"We are here to help you.I saw you being overun." "Ok if you must help us you must remember not to kill any sith and all you sith do not kill any jedi.That is an order"added Qual as he turned to see all the sith with a look of sadness on their faces.

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