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Mod Requests(2): Post your desires here

This is the second Incarnation OF the KotOR Mod request thread. The last has reached the point of usefulness to new and long time Holowan users. The Old thread will remain, But is now Unstuck.

Same deal as before. Do you have an idea for a KotOR mod you would like, But don't know how to make it or have the time. Then this is where you can make your mod request.

Please be as descriptive about what you would like by including pics, back story, stats, or anything else that may be required for your mod idea. Even with that there is no guarantee that your request will be made, but there are many Holowan modders that will do what they can to make your request a reality.

To help keep this thread tidy and useable, keep the discussion on topic. Thank you.

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