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Updated September 19, 2004
The idea of this post is to help keep users and modders updated to the mods that have been Requested in an effort to make this thread easyer to use.
Completed requests:That have been posted for public realease.
(Darth PADDY + Lucied )Black hk-47 skin Made byWeiser_Cain also another made bysith_master2000

(Airrazor )Is there a mod where you can be darth vader?? (closest is a reskin of Malak. Though I don't think it was made to be a selectable PC skin) created byOrson It's all in Russian So just click the Hammer icon to download.

(Master Bobo) --a Battlefeild mod <one for Tatoine was made byGameunlimited

(Ahoatam) equipable and upgradable dark bastilla's underwear outfit (partially finnished mod byT7nowhere>Download

(Lucied) A change of Soldiers Clothing to that of Repulic Uniform, made byAmezaroth

(Zonzai) Selecable Gadon PC. Added into Holowan Plug-in By T7nowhere

>Almis A Black focuing lightsaber crystal with a black bladed lightsaber. Partly completed request ( Gameunlimited ) and ( svösh created a set with black cores and colored glow)

TheRealJedidude Jedi Carth mod. RedHawke Completed the Request.

Requests: These are Request waiting for one clever modder to make.

>SithLord12112 Dathomir Sorceress Robe

>HK-Extreme Activate Hk-47 assaination protocal. A new quest maybe ?

>Xavier Luke Skywalker skin Plus robes and armor form the movies

>JBeannie Darth Vader's lightsaber hilt

>crazyhybrid9999 Boba Fett helm with the Cassus Fett color sheme.

>Nodakrattler Request for a new visor type mask( currently T7nowhere is attempting to model it)

Difficult requests: In this section will be those requests that would be very Difficult to pull off.

kbned A mod that makes all npc's have unique faces.<it is possible but would require alot of work>

zcbfvzb You play Jedi
Malak Switch the story by making Malak into the Hero <This one is an interesting idea BUT would require a complete rewrite of the game. But you never know.>

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