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Coruscant, the planet-city, divided inmto the lower parts, slums, and the higher parts, luxury and rich people driving everywhere with their fancy pancy hovercars...
'Wham! Wham!' "Order! Order!" the hammer and the chancelor sang in the same time. The senate was once again debating, and some senators even threathened the others. "ORDER!" the chancelor shouted once again and hit his hammer to the table. Everyone shut up, and looked into the middle of the chamber. "We do not have the resources to grow our army before the end of this millenia! What shall we do?" the chancelor said and one of the senators approached with his pad. "What about Kamino? They can grow us troops in no time"
"Yes. These Kaminoans have a great resource to clone humans, but they need an example from somewhere"
"Haven't they got something in their archives?"
"Yes, they do"
"We shall vote. Who says that we should use clones?"
The result soon revealed itself, as the first clone troopers arrived to coruscant.
The jedi council was scared...
"Repeat itself, the history does..."
"Yes, we should send a couple of jedi to check if they would come into something more agreeable than war..."
"Master Alegis has just arrived from Naboo with his padawan. They are our best choise"
"Shrouded, the padawan's future is. Mean this could many things"
"Still, they are our best choise"
"Send, Aledis, and Gensan to this mission, we will"
The three jedi masters spoke, as the others watched and listened.
The middle one was small, gremlin looking creature, on his right was a human, on his left was a Twi'lek. Soon, a red jedi starship blasted off from Coruscant, and the jedi council waited for the worst...

"Chancelor!" a shout called out from the door that lead to the chancelors luxurious appartment. The chancelor turned from looking out the window, and now looked down to the dispared human. "The jedi have sent one of their best pairs to Hoth!" the man said and breathed deeply. The chancelor sighed and shook his head, dissapointed to the jedi council's mistakes. "Leave me" the chancelor said and the human went off. The chancelor went to his bedroom.

"Sire, Lord Gani is on line two" "Yes, put him throught"
A holopod lit up on the floor infront of King Black's throne. The dark man appeared."Lord Gani, why do I have this honor?" the king said but soon was choking. The King rose a little, but then dropped to breath and to try to take some air into his lungs. "There is a jedi starship coming to Hoth. Do not reveal anything to them. Every man and droid in your army must be underground. Lord Sauron, you must take care of the jedi in the right time. Follow them back to Coruscant when they leave peacefully. Take their lives there, and then place the bodies infront of the jedi towers..." the other dark man next to the kings throne nodded and the hologram disparsed. The King now got enought of air into his lungs and looked at the sith next to him. The king looked dispared as the sith looked him under his hood. The sith turned his head and left throught a side door into his quarters.

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