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Chapter 8:The Thre-Way Battle

The Iconians were running at a fast pace when they saw the jedi transports come.They had taken out their weapons and were determined to kill all the sith and jedi.

Qual,Luke and Kyle were at the front of the vast jedi army.The Iconians finally reached them and everyone was fighting.Qual was fighting an Iconian warrior when Luke jumped up above the two armies and was moving his saber very fast.Luke's saber then let off a bright green light which covered the armies.

When the light faded the jedi army was glowing a greenish colour.An Iconian warrior tried to hit a jedi apprentice but flew away dead after his vibroblade made contact.The jedi army then attacked the Iconian army without fear.

Luke went down to the ground slowly as most of his power had gone after doing the Army Shield.He went down and joined the green glow.He started to regain his power rapidly and started to attack the Iconians aswell.

Qual was killing without fear.Suddenly the Army Shield stared to fade and the jedi were uncovered.An Iconian general hit Qual over the head which knocked him out.The general took Qual to an Iconian transport.The transport took off and went off into space.

Meabwhile,the two armies contnued the fight.The jedi were winning.Luke who was about to put a killing blow on a warrior felt using the force Qual being taken to Ignis.

Kyle was killing very well when he felt a strong push against his side.A sith had pudhed him away.Kyle then went back to the sith and killed him.A portion of the sith saw this and started to attack the jedi aswell as the Iconians.

Since Qual was gone a sith had taken control over the sith army.He told the sith to attack the jedi aswell as the Iconians.Luke also told the jedi to attack the sith aswell as the Iconians.

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