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((okay, pm a discription of the details you want of the planet, so i dont post a dull post

reddy! how rude! you're neglecting r15!!))

Ulna Shardes

Talon "Your question, answers itself and mine. I was going to ask you the very same..."


SSD Vigilance

*Irvine's shuttle cargo door opens, Irvine walks downt he ramp, he notices the damage.

'So those are the "new" Vanguard I briefly heard about...'

He doesn't say anything right away, he'd have to keep up his 'act' if he could get Starr away, not to mention himself...*

Irvine "Starr Hellfire!" *Winks briefly* <Starr, don't mess this up, play along> "For the collaboration with the Dark Lord of the Sith and taking part in leading the forces of the 'So-called' Imperial Loyalist Military. The Imperial Separatist Council finds you guility! Your sentence: Execution!"

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