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SSD Vigilance Docking Bay

*Starr looks at Irvine and snarls. He raises his hand, and Irvine is slammed against against the side of his shuttle and held there by the Force*

Starr: Drop the act, fool. I have already destroyed the monitors.

*He looks at Irvine in disgust, then releases his grip*

Starr: When we leave here, I expect an explanation of your unauthorized actions since you last parted company with my master and your father on Korriban...all of them. Have you anything to say that I should hear before that time?


Mos Eisley

*Aren picks up the comlink*

Aren: Well, Kioet, since there wasn't any tests involved in your training, I can safely say you neither passed nor failed. However, I can't speak much at the moment - I'm late for a meeting. Why haven't you headed to meet us on Tatooine yet?


Ulna Shardes

Nereli: Really? Tell me then, how did you arrive here?

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