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*Irvine gets up slowly, with a bit of anger on his face.*

Irvine "First and foremost, I wasn't sure if you killed them, yet, seeing as I had to come up with that act to get onboard to get to you."

*Irvine walks down the ramp a bit angerly, still with a slight limp*

"And you know what? I'll answer you now, since when did I have a leash tied to my neck? I came to Father on my own accord. And to be honest, I almost had the ringleader of the Separatists, until she desided to keep delaying me to get to her!! Sure, a few bad moves on my part, but it seemed that I gotten alot closer then anyone else!"


Ulna Shardes

Talon "The same method of taveling from the outpost that my people had made to this building, but only amplified immensely."

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