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SSD Vigilance

Starr: Foolish child. Leaving here I need a weakling like you with me as much I need a dead weight around my ankles. Prove yourself now or die.

*He slashes his lightsaber blade at Irvine's neck*


Ulna Shardes

Nereli: Curious wording, considering here you have invaded another peoples' planet and are claiming it as your own.

Rwos: If I may interject...Nereli, it is possible they come from a parallel universe to ours. A different Earth...

Shane: Ridiculous. There is no such technology or magic that would allow such a thing.

Rwos: Clearly you never read any of my reports from my earlier time in this dimension. Quite some time ago, I spent some time in a semi-parallel universe to this one, and it was accessed from a portal built completely here, in this dimension.

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