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Originally posted by Master Bobo
maybe one of the best mods i can think of would be a Battlefeild,

ok u could use the Valley of the Jedi Map, Put about 20 Republic guys on one side and about 30 sith on the other, add some jedi and dark jedi and wala, Early Battle of Geonosis lol

but such a battlefeild would be just, wow fun!
I has been done by Gameunlimited for Tatoine:

25 v. 25 and the mod already causes enormous lagging - not well supported by the game engine...(the mod was more like a big joke)

To install, unzip the file and put it into the MODULES folder, not the override folder. Then type "warp bigwar" without quotes in the cheat console.

And MaterBobo, next time instead of making double posts, you could use the edit functionat the bottom of your posts
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