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Originally posted by RedHawke
My Revan The White/Star Forge Booster Pack gives you the revans robe with cape and is maskless, with the regular Darth Revans Robes, The Star Forge Robes, and a new white set the Revan The White Robes, as well as giving you the full masked versions, so you can choose either one to wear, the link is also in my sig!

Mono-Giganto has a mod that gives you Revans Robes with Cape and is Maskless at pcgamemods.

I hope this helps!
Wow, I don't even know my own link, must be cause the only chance I get at using pcgamemods is on another computer, 'til now anyways, I can actually get to pcgamemods now. (After a span of.... 5 months or so...)

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