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Zant's face was amazed at the offer. He knew he was nowere as good as alot of the students back at the academy. But he knew that Master Houjj could train him very well. " Master Houjj, I thank you for your offer, and I accept. That is, if Master Luke approves. Ahh, my cuts starting to hurt in this icy wind. It must be getting late. It would be really bad to get stuck in the middle of nowere in Hoth. If Yaeb takes your ship, we can head to the one I got here in. I dont have a personalized ship yet since I'm still working on the money. Anyway, we better do something soon, or else we'll freeze."

OOC:Wow, everybody in this thread is on. I'll be back after dinner, in case you guys are RPing and wonder where I am. I'll be back in about 15 minutes.
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