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OOC: Around the time of Kyle, and Luke's Jedi Academy.

"We'll take my speeder bike it'll get us there quicker."

After a few minutes the two arrived at the hangar doors of the abandoned Rebel base.

"Luke gave me this passcode that should get us through this maintainence door." Houjj presses a few number on a frozen keypad and the door slowly opens then closes quickly then opens again. "Heh.. doesn't look like alot has been going on here." Houjj enters the base and starts walking though the empty hangar. He stops about halfway through and stretches out his arm and closes his eyes as he tries to sence any dark Force users. "Hmm... I don't sence anything. I guess we should head back to your ship and contact Luke." Just as he finished speaking a Sith Apprentice that was hiding with help of the Force cloaking him attacked Houjj. Houjj quickly senced him and ignited his saber as he backfliped and sliced the Dark Force user's arm off. "Quickly let's get out of here I have a feeling there are alot more where that came from!" Two more appeared as it out of nowhere once again...
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