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*F. Irvine's convoy of himself and troops reaches Byss, or what remained of it...

All that remained was dribris from the planet that once was.

F. Irvine goes into the cockpit.*

F. Irvine *to the pilots* "Scan for anything out here, ships, fighters, message bouys, anything."

Pilot "Aye-aye, sir."

*Moments later*

Co-Pilot "My lord, sensors have picked up a large structure somewhere up ahead."

F. Irvine "Proceed..."

*The 'convoy' manuevers through chunks of planet, orbiting one another, to a very large untouched piece...

The Darkstar Tower.*

Co-Pilot "Scans read that its been converted to a space station."

F. Irvine "Have we been scanned?"

Co-Pilot "Couldn't tell you, My lord. Even if we did, we wouldn't know in this field."

F. Irvine "Good reason to keep all this around. Order the other ships to halt."

Pilot "Yes, my Lord."

*The ships cut their engines, and allow their thrusters to stop...*

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