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Houjj saw one of the Sith dash away into the control room of the base. Houjj used Force Speed to follow him closly. Once in the control room the Sith turned to Houjj and said "You Jedi have no idea what your getting in to." He ignited his saber and Houjj did the same. After a few minutes of this intense battle Houjj and the Sith were in a saber lock. Houjj closed his eyes and let the Force fight through him. He felt all the pressure from the saber lock fade away and when he opened his eyes the Sith lay motionless on the floor. Houjj looked at the computer screen that the Sith was rushing to. It read like a message:

"Malachi has been captured and the Jedi are here!"
A new message was sent in return to the other:
"Destroy them and the operation on Hoth we need to focus on other... important things."

Houjj rushed back to the hangar and met back up with Zant. "We need to get this message and show it Luke lets go back to your ship." Houjj hopped on the speeder bike.
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