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As Zant boarded his bike, with the Sith on it, he sped off. It was getting cold. His master was probably already back at the ship, as Zant had to fix up the bike a bit. As Zant's new bike appraoched his ship, he suddenly felt like he was being watched. He slowed down, to see if he could see anything. All of the sudden, The Sith behind him ignited a saber... HIS SABER. Zant figured the Sith must of took it when Zant wasnt paying attention. Zant quickly stopped the bike and jumped off, kicking the sith off in the process. He knew he had no chance against a Sith with a saber vs him, who didnt even have any weapon. All Zant could do is try to satll the SIth long enough for his Master to come. He just hopes that Master Houjj is stong enough to sense Zant is in trouble.
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