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((Welcome back again, BD...ever gonna reply to PtH? ))

SSD Vigilance Docking Bay

Starr: Yes, it is so. Foolish boy...did you think you could have the power of the Dark Side without paying its price?

*He raises his saber*

Starr: Let your fear feed you. Release your anger, let it consume you. It is the only way...or you will lose your newfound power forever.

*He attacks Irvine again*



*Admiral Luthen curses*

Luthen: Send repair and recon droids into that hangar NOW. I want to know what's going on there!

*She stares at the blank screen with silent anger for a moment*

Luthen: I do not want to sacrifice my Vanguard. But if within nine minutes we do not have confirmation that Starr Hailfire is dead, flush whatever is in that hangar into space. Destroy any ships that attempt to escape, even if it belongs to Cracern!


Ulna Shardes Underground

Nereli: Pray tell, what might those "usual channels" be?

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