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Talon "Saying simply, I have a sizeable group of telepaths consentrate and chart up a group of planets that are with in a certain parameters, assisted on star charts. From there a planet is scouted and found if habitable.

In the past hundred years we have developed terraforming technology to increase the number of planets that we can 'control'. From there, those planets can be used to extract resources or cultivate food."


SSD Vigilance

*Irvine blocks again, still wide-eyed and on his back. He thinking 'how the heck did I get into this!?'.

He thinks about would be like going after Cracken as a Jedi, something he turned his back on to go after his pitiful desire.

He blocks another swing from Starr..

Then yet again, it was the same Jedi whom took him away from his own father! How could he possibly fallow through with protecting the galaxy by protecting it from the very same people like his father. Even if he killed Cracken, it would be still killing his own father! Were in the sense of duty would it balence out in murdering your own blood!?

Another swing is blocked, as Irvine helplessly sits there, blocking each swing, with the conflict swelling up in his mind...*

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