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Originally posted by Huz
We tried Wolf ET. It was rubbish. Too complicated to dip in and out of, so nobody was too keen on playing it on a regular basis.

Plus, it didn't work on someone's computer and they complained a lot.
ET isn't a frag game, where more frags give your more game value. UT games is more like that I think. ET is very much about teamplay value. The sum of the teams effort and skills to complete the maps task, while still haveing eyes for regular fighting. For example you would have to repair a tank, and escort it to a certain place, blow bankdoors, escape with gold in another vehicle to a new location, while still shooting in concentrated battle, plus tankbarriers needed to be blown up with dynamite.

All people have gun, granades, automatik gun, but when you spawn you have choosed to be a sertain class. Engineer, medic, soldier with rocketlancher, soldier with more ammo, soldier with machinegun, undercover sniper, etc. The different classes makes together a good input of variation and good/fun/interesting gameplay.

"Too complicated to dip in and out of" Do you mean when joining the server without a set date for tournament, so not many people coming to the server and playing all together at one time, then I understand. ET is not fun if, the people haven't read the map info in "Limbo", where is says, that "you need to repair tank to steal gold". It's the map objectives. The other team is then defending the different objectives. It is just like CTF but more varied and more fun. 2 vs 2 can still be good game, though 8 vs 8 would be more fun. There are LOADS of great quality custom maps.

The fact that there are objectives, medics and engineers in the game makes me love it. Be medic and revice your teamates etc.

About the game didn't work for some people. Did they miss to install the 1.02 patch, or didn't have the maps, or their firewall blocked the game to download maps.

I'm not trying to pressing this game into anyones face. If we would try again with ET, it would be nice.

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