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Godsheim Station ((Just a Reminder Godsheim station is shapped like a sword, point down))

Godsheim Station Control: Welcome to Godsheim Station. Please follow your escorts in.

*Two Viking II fighters decloak to either side of the Dragon's Bane. They flew parrallel to the guard passing Aesirian Destroyers Disen and Alvis. The Alvis was in the final stages of docking having arrived a couple of hours ealier from Valen Minor.

As the ships neared guest hangers they came in sight of two Drakes who were perched on the guard and watch the flight with a dignified intensity. A couple minutes later the flight turns lining up with the open hanger, the fighters peel off and quickly cloak again. As the Dragon's Bane enters the hanger turrents track it, and once it was completly inside the hanger quietly close.

On the deck of the station waiting to greet the emissaries from the Republic was a Valkryie in her shinning red gold armor with a red and gold cloak across her shoulder. She was flanked by two einherjar in their blue and silver armor with cloaks of the same color. They waited patiently for Hal, Mirra and Ellela to exit their ship*

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