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*The Ramp at the front of the corvette lowers and four House Gaurds of the Sword decend. The Gaurds wear silvered scale shirts which cover them to the elbows and the knees, divided for riding; their long gauntlets and greaves are also silvered, as are their helmets. The Gaurds carry long swords on their backs as well as round shields, each also carries a short sword on his belt. The Gaurds where unadorned blue surcoats and cloaks.

The Gaurds split into two pairs, one goes left, the other right.

Behind the gaurds decend Hal, Mirra and Ellela.

Hal Wears the same as the House Gaurds except that his helmet hangs from the hilt of his short sword and his surcoat bears a two headed hawk in forest green on the chest and his gauntlets each have a hawk engraved on them highlighted with gold.

Mirra wears a high necked gown in green silk slashed with red and enbroudered with gold.

((OSS: I'll leave Ellela to Deac.))

*Behind the three come two maids and a wizened old man with what appears to be an equally wizened walking stick.*


*Suddenlly as the group round a corner.*

L.Speaker: Attention All! Rebel forces have penetrated security, all personnel be advised, they are armed and dangerous.

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