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SET_NAVGOAL question

I have a script that sets an Reborn NPC's nav goal during a cinematic when the NPC is first triggered. No problem...he walks right to it, then activates his sabre, very dramatic.

But then I want the Reborn to jump (or at least run over to) a certain nav goal when the player walks through a certain trigger. So the trigger is inactive at first, then activated when the Reborn spawns, and targets a scriptrunner that runs this script:

affect ( get( STRING, "SET_PARM1"), /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )
task ( "goto" )
set ( "SET_NAVGOAL", get( STRING, "SET_PARM2") );

do ( "goto" );

Now...nothing happens!

Before you ask...

Yes, I'm sure the script gets run. The Reborn does indeed enter cinematic state and stop fighting when I walk through the trigger. He just doesn't go the the nav goal.

Yes, parm2 on the script runner is set to the targetname (not the script_targetname) of the nav goal.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
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